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Posted by marcan on 1259837174
This is very nice thread and the description so far is very good. However, there is one thing I consider very important which should be clearly stated.

Looking at our history so far, the first thing I see which I would like to improve is our decision making process. We are very open, we want to please everyone, we try and sail by consensus. This has given us great things so far and a great community! Only one downside: the time to make a decision is much too long, which slows everything down...

To overcome this, I would like to propose that the Release Manager has the deciding power. Of course, he will try to get consensus, but will not allow 6 months discussions to get to it. He will listen, make everyone give their opinion, allow time-boxed debate, but at the end of the day, he'll make the decision. And the decision shall be accepted by the team. If after a Release Cycle is complete, the dev team come to the conclusion that the Release Manager took too many bad decisions, then they'll choose someone else for the next release. Simple as that.

So ultimately, the Release Manager decides what goes in, what goes out, what milestone a ticket is related to, when to release, etc... Of course, he is not a dictator who decide on his own. He talks to the team, gathers thoughts, feedback, opinion, holds debate, etc... and then makes a decision.

Thoughts ?

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