Re: ACP Breadcrumbs in 1.3

Posted by nachenko on 1259915792
Xoopstree is there, but if you read the methods it offers, you'll notice it seems more suitable for News module category selector box, not for breadcrumbs.

Besides that, I wouldn't like breadcrumbs rendering to be hardcoded, that is, I don't like:


This is the way some modules render their own breadcrumbs, forcing any designer to hack the module if the want the breadcrumbs HTML to be different. I'd prefer breadcrumbs rendering to be controlled by a template. That is, $breadcrumbs should be an array that we process in the theme, like this:

<{includeq file=$theme_name/breadcrumbs.html breadcrumbs=$breadcrumbs }>

Besides offering more control during breadcrumbs render, the template would be reusable. Maybe our site's information requires a bi-dimensional or three-dimensional classification system, who knows.

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