HTMLPurifier Admin Options - your opinions

Posted by Vaughan on 1264765983
With the addition of Admin Config options for HTMLPurifier in ImpressCMS 1.2 I would like to ask our developers, designers & users their opinions.

Mainly I would like to know the following:

1. Are the tool tips easy to understand.
2. What options have you left as 'default' or untouched.
3. if you have changed any options, which options have you changed & what have you changed them to??

there are a hell of a lot of options for Purifier, & I am aware that a large percentage of those options will never ever be changed from their defaults, likewise I know that some of those options will be changed by users as they mess about with their sites.

I would like to gather this information together, so that in time, those options that are never ever changed by people, can be moved to a more internal hardcoded setting, those settings that people change regularly, we can determine the changes, and if many people are changing the same options with the same changes, then we can in future incorporate those changes as part of the default settings.

I know some of the options there, may look & sound complicated, but you'll probably find those settings will hardly be changed by users, so if you don't understand the implications of changing something, then it is likely you would not need to change it.

secondly I'd also like to thank the many people such as Ana, Andy Cleff, Marcan, William (there are many more of you aswell), for their patience whilst developing the Purifier system, and for providing necessary feedback on the settings, without their feedback (& their frustrations etc), It would have made the work a lot more difficult in arriving at a decision of what should be set as default..

But we still require more feedback from users in working backgrounds on the default settings and if/how they adjust those settings.

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