Re: HTMLPurifier Admin Options - your opinions

Posted by Will on 1264954023
Well, this is a busy topic.

idk if its just me - but purifier strips the javascript out of all of my a tags.

<a href="(script removed) void(0);">Ajax Anchor</a>

This is no bueno, and I kinda think I know what you are gonna say...


Well.... try # instead.

and my response... # is not vaild.

Any time I build a site with impresscms that is rich in js - I end up having to disable purifier. Which sucks, and even then the javascript part is still getting ripped out.

Security is grand and all - I am down with that - but it would be nice if we could override security if we needed to in admin side.

Content manager/blocks/etc.... if you are on acp side - you should not be limited because of the potential security risks on the user side.

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