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Posted by Will on 1264959894
ya, that was the half awake point I was trying to make... I can go in and modify textsanitizer to allow it - but then purifier still gets in my way... this seems so counterproductive.

If purifier is handling security - why is textsanitizer still being used?

I think what it really boils down to - is that the security that we use is fantastic for keeping users from embedding malicious code and all that - but it has gone beyond that - and at least for me - has begun to get in the way of what I need to do.

I have been forced to use Drupal and wordpress more and more for sites because ICMS is not flexible enough to do what I need it to do.

Hell, I am even using Drupal to build my new site... it seems so wrong, but at the same time what am I supposed to do?

I am not sure that ICMS is actually going somewhere where it will be usable for any of the sites I am building or will build. I am building rich - interactive - modern websites - and ICMS makes it feel like such a chore to do it. While system like Drupal are not only more simple for users to use - but the addons and combinations of addons that exist make it painless to set up. (Friggin Views people! VIEWS!)

Another point - Through work I am building some pretty big name sites now... really big actually - and I wish I could say who they were but I am not allowed to - the exposure ICMS would gain from me being able to use it for these sites would be tremendous - the problem is... ICMS is not even close to ready for this kind of stuff. Soooo Drupal gets yet another big name site. Same thing goes for pretty much all of the sites I am working on - out of 15 that I am currently building - only one is ICMS - and its a basic install - and still has issues.


No Mr. Customer who is paying for a working website - a white screen when you go to edit a block is totally normal.


Oh? all the html syntax is showing up in the forum when using a wysiwyg editor?

I mean I fixed the issues - but damn.

Sure - I can hack and mod my own websites to do whatever using ICMS - but from a users perspective - no friggin way... I can't expect a simple user to have to open up ftp and modify templates because the acp ui doesn't allow them to do basic stuff without interfering...

Summation: Developers are not users.

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