Re: HTMLPurifier Admin Options - your opinions

Posted by fiammybe on 1264975770
Will, I must admit that you have a point there. The problem is that, until now, the changes in impressCMS have been all triggered by the developers. I'm looking at a way to let the user participate much more in deciding what should be changed or added.

Will, if you could tell us in more detail (without disclosing any company secrets of course) what it is you need ImpressCMS to do (in another thread), that would be very helpful.

Mindlessly stripping away javascript is not good in the current state of the web. We're trying ourselves to introduce more javascript in all the parts of ImpressCMS, so we're kinda shooting ourselves in the foot here.

Underdog is doing some tests on forms and jQuery and I'm very interested to see what comes of that.

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