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Posted by skenow on 1265080412

MrTheme wrote:

If purifier is handling security - why is textsanitizer still being used?

Excellent point and one that can and should be addressed in 1.3. No sense in doing the work twice.


I am not sure that ICMS is actually going somewhere where it will be usable for any of the sites I am building or will build. I am building rich - interactive - modern websites - and ICMS makes it feel like such a chore to do it. While system like Drupal are not only more simple for users to use - but the addons and combinations of addons that exist make it painless to set up. (Friggin Views people! VIEWS!)


The Views module provides a flexible method for Drupal site designers to control how lists and tables of content (nodes in Views 1, almost anything in Views 2) are presented. Traditionally, Drupal has hard-coded most of this, particularly in how taxonomy and tracker lists are formatted.

This tool is essentially a smart query builder that, given enough information, can build the proper query, execute it, and display the results. It has four modes, plus a special mode, and provides an impressive amount of functionality from these modes.

My basic understanding of Drupal Views is to present data from underlying tables differently than how the module/feature developer presents them, without having to hack themes/templates. If this is correct, Formulize does have this little known feature. Instead of creating a form and building your own list of fields, base the form on an existing db table, create a view or screen (custom display page) and BAM!


Another point - Through work I am building some pretty big name sites now... really big actually - and I wish I could say who they were but I am not allowed to - the exposure ICMS would gain from me being able to use it for these sites would be tremendous - the problem is... ICMS is not even close to ready for this kind of stuff. Soooo Drupal gets yet another big name site. Same thing goes for pretty much all of the sites I am working on - out of 15 that I am currently building - only one is ICMS - and its a basic install - and still has issues.

We've got a great team, here, and we'll be continuing to polish and progress. Yet, we need to realize and accept that no CMS is perfect for every job and we need to focus on our niche - what makes us unique. Is it the Project, or the Community? The code or the philosophy? There are a lot of intangibles, but we also need to deliver tangible results.

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