Core rating feature?

Posted by Tom on 1268388432
So we have a ratings feature in the core, there is a link but that contains no information and so questions are raised:


Ratings is a new feature in ImpressCMS. With using this tool, you can add a new rating method to your modules, and control the results through this section! Complete documentation of this feature can be found here: Rating Features. -

And there isn't one word about the feature never mind completed. We should be careful in our wording as here we're lying.

In the table for ratings you pretty much have a way to record the ratings per user and an overall average must either be stored elsewhere or calculated each time.

If we look at the MyAlbum module this has two tables one for photo information which contains a column that records the average for all votes and then a whole table similar to the one in the core to record the individual user votes.

So, because I haven't seen a user vote in the cores table yet, can one be deleted?

If it can be deleted is there a way for it to update an average value in a module table? Or is the average to be calculated on every page load which would make a waste of resources perhaps?

Can a user change his mind and thus his vote? Again how would that average be calculated?

Perhaps in future a good way to tackle new features is that who ever develops them in the core also produces a tutorial ready for the release of the CMS or shortly after. That shouldn't be as time consuming if done as the feature is completed and not all in one go with a mass of things to cover, well unless its one person developing it all, lol.

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