Re: Open Development - meeting reports

Posted by skenow on 1337711445

fiammybe wrote:
Exactly. Timezones are a b*tch. Steve and I get together twice a week on Skype to discuss the project. I can do so during my lunchbreak (most of the time), and he gets up early.

I sometimes see René in the morning (evening for him). Finding a feasible time will be difficult, but it should be possible. We really need to restart more regular meetups online.

I believe that's needed to encourage more people to contribute to the core, new and existing project members alike.

Time zones can also be advantages, too. We have around the clock support and development because we are global. We gain the experience of multiple cultures and perspectives.

As David mentioned - we both have found ways to make this work. I can cover this side of the globe with an evening session and some Saturdays I have greater availability. Just a thought.

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