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Posted by marcan on 1196865307
Thanks Dave, excellent link.

I suggest every one involved in coding should read this bes practice summary.

About branching

So I now realize that XOOPS was using the Always branch system and I understand now that it has pros, but I feel more cons...

I very like the "Branch-when-needed" system :

- Users commit their day-to-day work on /trunk.

- Rule #1: /trunk must compile and pass regression tests at all times. Committers who violate this rule are publically humiliated.

- Rule #2: a single commit (changeset) must not be so large so as to discourage peer-review.

- Rule #3: if rules #1 and #2 come into conflict (i.e. it's impossible to make a series of small commits without disrupting the trunk), then the user should create a branch and commit a series of smaller changesets there. This allows peer-review without disrupting the stability of /trunk.

Can we all agree on this ?

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