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Posted by snow on 1197008834
I am attaching here template #6 viewed with the logo proposal in green version.

So besides deciding the logo, there's some things of the design in case this one is chosed that need to be decided too.

- What would these small variations be in between themes for each area?

- What width should the theme be?
I had planned this theme to be fixed width at 960 pixels.

About building it:
I can build it using a personal morphogenesis template I use to make most of the things I do. It contains only 1 table and if the styles are disabled it still looks as if it were tableless. If it were fixed width I could try do all the rest of the design without tables but if it were percent that's harder for me and would have to add a couple of tables. In case of percent I'd add tables if the theme were to have the shadow it has now at the sides and if curved corner stretching boxes are needed. If that's ok with you all I can make it like this.

In case of yes. I'd need the requirements defined and if changes are needed, for them to be specified.

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