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Posted by JMorris on 1197346882
I think I understand what you are saying about the smarty logic and it makes sense. After looking at the lines for several hours, I went cross eyed because they all looked similar. I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a couple scenarios.

BTW... Thanks Dave for helping me with the empty() function in Smarty!

I hope, when we are done with this thing, that the logic could possibly be integrated into the core somehow. For instance, a drop-down box to select the column quantity.

If 3 Col -> div id = col1, col2, col2
#col1 {width:33%}
#col2 {width:33%}
#col3 {width:33%}

Then just write the setting to blocks.html and blocks.css.

By using the left float technique, we can do this rather easily without breaking things provided the block width is consistent.

Oh, sorry, back on track.... Damn ADHD!

I'll get back to work on this. Thanks!

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