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Posted by snow on 1198428417

Snow, very interesting ideas in #73
IMO we shold leave you free hand in this area.
Could you prepare any preview/screeshot of site after your changes?

A screenshot of what do you need? The theme is available for download for testing in a zip in a post in this forum. I was mainly talking about block positioning which I think it's the site admin that does this. The theme is already configured so the center blocks display as the screenshot preview posted before.


Snow - can I confirm....?
Originally your lovely designs where in different colours and top images for the main subsites (at the moment the first will be www, community and addons)
Are you still going for this plan?
I just need to know so we can carry on with working on the addons templates etc?

First I need to leave this theme finished and take away the bugs. Also it was asked to be flexible width. I can't do the other versions until this one is ok. Also for the other versions I can work based on final decisions, like I can't make a blue version and then a week later ask to change to another tone of blue. I can do this once this theme is finished and I get a final yes and approved what variations the theme will have, if like the screenshot previews or something different.

About having flexible width option, it ocurred to me something like a stylesheet switcher could be used with 2 little icons on the top corner, to switch between fluid or fixed width according to user liking, but like I mentioned before, this can take me some time as main parts of the theme structure would need to be changed for this.

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