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Posted by davidl2 on 1198430119

About having flexible width option, it ocurred to me something like a stylesheet switcher could be used with 2 little icons on the top corner, to switch between fluid or fixed width according to user liking, but like I mentioned before, this can take me some time as main parts of the theme structure would need to be changed for this.

This sounds like a great idea -when you have chance.

Obviously not for the moment... but for later on...

I also agree with Kurak - we've so little time left to get this done, and you are very busy - so I think we should give you as much freedom as possible for this

Basically we're largely happy with it - fixed width is fine for the moment.... (variable later on as you suggested). I think people are mostly happy with the logo now ... and again - we can always adjust this later if needed.

At the moment I'm ripping my hair out with a fresh install of MediaWiki 1.11 on wiki.impress - and finding a suitable temporary theme .... so I'm leaving the theme side to those who know it better then me

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