Re: ImpressCMS Theme

Posted by Vaughan on 1198440319

I was mainly talking about block positioning which I think it's the site admin that does this. The theme is already configured so the center blocks display as the screenshot preview posted before.

smartblocks would make a useful addition to block management.

you can select which blocks appear on all pages, and you can also set which column & weight order individually for each page. so if you don't want the right column visible in 1 particular page, you can set it so some of those blocks in the right column are moved to the left column just for that page.

it's a bitch to setup correctly & to get used to it, but once it's running right, it does it's job very well. but there are a few bugs here & there and some minor annoyances which could be improved on here & there.

just thought i'd mention whilst we were on about the site design & block positions etc..

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