Adding data table plugin to improve tables

Posted by Eyekeeper on 1552086176

Hello!  I'm trying to customize the standard   icms_ipf_view_Table Actually, in order to use DataTable jquery Plugin I overwrote my system_persistabletable_display.html file in order to be able to use the plugin. (

For small tables it works like a charm, but when you have slightly bigger ones (around 1k records), data is being fetched completely and then Datatable is redendered. The downside is that it becomes really slow untill all loading is completed.  

I've also tried to keep the tree selector where I can have limits for 10, 15 etc records, but then I cannot access more data than selected for some reason.  I have other, larger tables where I can see thing getting too slow then. 

Reading the documentation I came up to defer loading, json rendering and background loading methods, but I don't know how to apply thoses changes inside impresscms in order to have it running.

Some links I read: Any thought on how to optimize this loading process? 


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