Moving on from Google Universal Analytics

Posted by fiammybe on 1676915287

Universal Analytics will be deactivated in a few months. If your site uses it, you will have received already quite a few reminders about moving to Google Analytics 4. But keep in mind that the data cannot be transferred.

Sunsetting a product is always a risk to retain users, as at that moment you force them to think about their needs, and perhaps they arrive at the conclusion that their needs are better met elsewhere.

ImpressCMS has been solely supporting UA in the past (we even come from the predecessor, but that's a long time ago). Perhaps in the future we should look into opening up this interface and making it possible to easily add new analytics products, and to have multiple analytics options simultaneously active.

I've played with a first version of a GA4 preload and it works more or less how it should : activating the plugin adds the GA4 javascript on the right location in the page. Future improvements will be:

But for now, let's make it so that users are supported in migration from UA to GA4

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