Re: Moving on from Google Universal Analytics

Posted by skenow on 1677039210

As I mentioned in another thread, this is something we need to address sooner rather than later. This is a bit tricky for us, because we have no way of determining if a site has gone through the migration from UA to GA4. All we store is the site code and if it is enabled, we pass the code to the core and it inserts the javascript on every page.

This could turn into a whole lot of different scenarios and options to handle through the core admin UI. Or, we can add documentation on how to add preloads that each admin would need to customize before deploying on their sites. Even now, I think of a preload generator that would allow an admin to paste in the code snippet from the other provider, select where it loads, and be able to manage it that way. That's for a later release.

For immediate consideration is what do we put into the new 2.0 release? My first reaction is to keep it simple - provide a GA4 preload template that admins can customize with their tag and include on their sites. The UA portion would remain and not interact with the GA4 plugin. Admins would need to determine the impact of having both active on a site. We deprecate the UA code with this release and move towards a more easily customized solution, removing the UA portions in a later release this year.

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