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Posted by skenow on 1684097260

As @fiammybe started in this thread, it's time for me to be transparent, accountable, and contribute more to the momentum of ImpressCMS than I have in recent times. This is my commitment to getting stuff done.

David (@fiammybe) and Raimondas (@MekDrop) have been the key contributors to maintaining our current releases and shaping our new major revamp of the core - and I want to thank them for stepping into this and getting a lot of the groundwork completed.

I can't speak for them, or even for you - only myself. I don't just do this for myself, though - it was always done to help the community of users. I have clients that depend on me to provide a solid website for them. However, they are not my primary source of income, so I divide my time.

I can't always control outcomes, but I do have a lot of influence over inputs and actions.

Here's my first list of actions I will take:

  1. Post here (at least) weekly - what I propose doing in the coming week, what I did do the previous week, and what obstacles I face.
  2. Post when pull requests are ready and request reviews before merging. Code review is critical for us to maintain functionality and uphold security and performance practices of ImpressCMS.
  3. Maintain a list of deliverables for the coming release
  4. Outline steps necessary for an administrator to prepare their sites for the changes in the coming release.
  5. Outline what is required of a module to be compatible with the coming release - some changes have been already shared through the Developer Dashboard under Deprecated, others will be identified because of changes necessary to run under PHP7 and PHP8.

As I mentioned above, I don't just do this for myself. I do have motivations to do this, regardless. Having feedback is definitely going to help me stay focused and provide some energy to get things done. Less feedback and participation will probably mean that it will only take a bit longer, that's all.

Thanks to all who have participated and contributed to getting ImpressCMS this far!

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