Re: Standup Reports

Posted by skenow on 1684206320

Remember when we were hosting our repositories on Assembla? They had a feature for standup reports, and I added recurring events to my calendar to update my standup reports twice a week - Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Those reminders still come up. So - I will use those reminders to trigger updates for what I'm working on.

David also has a thread for what he's working on - we focus on different things, all of them are to keep some momentum going for ImpressCMS.

There's something I want to emphasize - the minimum PHP requirement for the upcoming 2.0 has been lowered to PHP 7.4. That does not mean it will not work on PHP 8. It just means we will not be introducing anything in this release that requires PHP 8 to function. I work with that in mind.

Because I do support sites with a variety of requirements, I do test a wide variety of actions and methods. So, the requirements have been expanded for functions provided and governed by the core, regardless of PHP version.  

I will be looking to have my  pending changes merged to the release branch by Wednesday, and adding an update for some external libraries (PHPMailer among them). Support for Google Analytics 4 will also be part of this release.

Onward and Upward!

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