Re: Standup Reports

Posted by skenow on 1685300924

My commitments were to get the release ready for review, and that has been completed, thanks to David and Raimondas.

All major hurdles have been cleared - complete install and upgrade (from 1.4.4) have been successful. There is an open pull request to merge in the update to PHPMailer. Once that is reviewed and merged, we can move ahead with the release.

I need to verify the GA4 changes have been merged - they aren't showing up in the branch yet

There are some things I would like to see added - a responsive theme, for one - but I'd rather get this out and work on some refinements afterwards.

As mentioned earlier, there are some updates to modules that will also need to be done to work with this release. I'll be posting PRs this week for the ones I have found.

For this week -

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