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Posted by skenow on 1686796678

Just about. If our goal is for this release to run on PHP8, there are a few things that need to be addressed. If PHP7.4 is acceptable, then we are ready for another RC release.

The PR to update HTMLPurifier to work with PHP8 is waiting for review. Once that is merged, there aren't any fatal errors that I know of (one that I cannot reproduce during install, but occurs for another tester on Windows. We have a fix for that).

There is one thing that does not work on PHP8 - the image editor is the one I am  struggling with. It does work on PHP7.4, though. Mozilla's debug console says there is a missing semicolon in the javascript. But, only in PHP8+. So, something is being passed as an argument to the js functions that isn't properly formatted.

I'll fix the few other things I know about and leave the image editor for another time. More testers and eyes on the issue will help.

PRs to the next release


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