Using the trackers on our SF project

Posted by marcan on 1197116350
Hi guys,

Again, I'm coming back with this request. Would you see any serious problem in starting to use the trackers at SF ?

I know we are still discussion about what our long term objectives are and it would be better not to start coding before this is all decided. But altought I agree we need to decide all this sooner than later, but we already have enough of an idea about where we are going that we can start coding 0.5 version.

So, in order to get things organized and track what we are doing, it is essential we use the bug, feature and tasks tracker. It is the only way we can be efficient and productive.

ImpressCMS can be found in a few places now on the web and has discussed it briefly, and so does frxoops. So it is not a secret anymore.

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