Re: Welcome Predator !

Posted by Predator on 1197131221
Thanks to both.

I had the dream with the proposal group which is discussing on my board we could bring xoops back on track, but i guess this was a dream nothing more. I believe that the work and efforts of this group (proposal group) is wasted time so i hate to waste time and i see a lot also hate it

To fork xoops was and is the last option we had and now some did it.

I welcome this as this could be a new fresh start - easier and better as a restructure of xoops which will never happen, so to fork is the only logic decision which people with responsability had made.

It is sad but i believe the name XOOPS is burned and will not resurrect, so better stop it and make a new start. So thanks who act insteed of just talk ;-D

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