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Please note: This is only a proposal at the moment - but I am hoping that you will think it of merit to consider.


We have been very privildged to have some extremely skilled people getting involved in this project.

However in the fast paced development of the new core, it's becoming more obvious that we need to start the groundwork on internal teams to manage the different areas of our project.

So far - several people have stepped up to help in different areas ourside of their ususal ones - and I feel that even with "organised teams" - this still is not a bad thing.

So: what teams do we need to work on?

Essentially we need to gather together:

Core Team: We've a large group of talented developers at the moment - and I feel this number could easily rise.

(BTW: I would suggest that anyone who hasn't done so, perhaps completes their "skills" in Sourceforge?)

I'm unsure of exactly the best requirements of this team myself - but I'm sure someone more knowledgable can add this?

Communications, Documentation & Promotions Team:

These would include people to help relay news from the project development, assist in the production of documentation, and with the promotion of the project.

This team would also include members who can assist with the Wiki site.

Community Forum Moderators:

People willing to assist in the community forum. Trusted members would also have the relevent authority to deal with troublemakers.

Module/Theme Repository Team:

Initially just would be needed to ensure modules are uploaded and categoried correctly. However, this team would evolve later to improve classification and quality control testing.

Site Maintainance Team:

At the current time - responsible for the planning and installation of the new site.

At a later stage, this team would be partly responsible for general maintainance - but also work with other teams in improving the sites.

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Gradually we will need to expand and change these teams, as fits a growing project - and depending on the teams requirements. But for the moment, if we start on the essential parts - we will at least have something practical to build from.

* * * * * * * * *

I can see a need for the following areas to be covered:

Translations: core translations

Module Development: an alternative to dev.xoops - I would perhap make the suggestion that we use a seperate sourceforge site - with seperate forums available?

Akitson has done some groundwork on this with his site - perhaps he would be willing to assist in such a team?

This could also include Module Security testing, as well as Quality testing as well. (Perhaps a certification program?)

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

* * * * * * *

Project Management

We are aware from personal experience, that having inflexible management structure is not a good thing.

I have been examing many ideas recently - and have discussed the pros and cons with several people - and I feel the simplest methods the best:

1) Each team has 1 "top man" (manager, team leader, whatever you wish to call the title) - who is chosen from within the team by voting.

This "top man" will serve for a period of 3 months.

At the end of this time, another "top man" is chosen - or if the team wishes, the same person can stand again.

2) Each of the "top men" will form a team - which will act as the co-ordinators for us all.

Again - their position will only last for 3 months - or less if situations require it.

3) We don't have an overall "leader" - we have elected people from the ranks - who have to contribute their best.

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