Re: ImpressCMS - Team building

Posted by skenow on 1197177559
My first reaction was '3 months is too short'. The reason being it adds extra time just to reset and make transitions between the 'top man/woman'. Transitions are always unproductive.

I know the intent is to keep the potential for disaster while a particular person is in that seat, but for someone intent on doing things their way, it only takes a matter of weeks to foul things up.

My second reaction was to hold off until the draft proposal has more definition. It has some good principles and if we appear to be acting without consideration for their efforts, our credibility is at risk.

The task groups in this proposal are very close to what the proposal team is moving forward. And that is a good thing, because it deals with the actual work that needs to be done and applying the resources where needed.

A lot is happening and I feel a bit lost at times. A clear vision, as Herko was saying, is definitely higher on the list of things to be done for me.

Actual work processes (ooh, I hate that I just said that) need to be established, because they are not evident in the current XOOPS environment - security reviews and audits, code review and comment, feature/functionality/benefit analysis, testing and quality assurance, transparency and integrity are all major items.

One thing we need to keep in the front of our minds at all times - we judge ourselves by our intentions, others judge us by our actions.

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