[HOWTO] Convert old ISO to UTF-8 for ICMS 1.1

Posted by ep98 on 1209635427
How to convert old and unmaintained translations from ISO to Unicode UTF-8*

* UTF-8 without Byte of Mark

1. U need editor like NotePad Plus, u can get it from http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/news.php?lang=uk
2. Open the selected file from modules\module-name\language\selected-language\thefile.php

Now press CTRL+A for Select All, then CTRL+C to copy the selection into your clipboard, then pick the drop-down menu format, and select
Encode in UTF-8 without BOM and press CTRL+V to paste it from your clipboard, then save it and re-upload it to your XOOPS 2.2/Impress 1.1 language folder.

If u click by mistake Encode in UTF-8 u will get blank page. OOPS core can't recognize UTF-8 encoded files. You can solve the blank page problem, by repeating the above procedure.

If u do this for XOOPS, u will get everything else as symbols on your screen, but not your language :)

If u wanna try this on XCL, feel free to do it and report any results :)

The following procedure works on any XOOPS up to phppp, and there is no need to apply "USE MULTIBYTE 1" in your language\global.php.

For OOPSes up to 2.0.17 (from, u simply have to set in global.php UTF-8 instead of ISO, and to add to your .htaccess the following line.

PHP_FLAG default_charset UTF-8

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