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exp wrote:
I think, i´m not sure if i beeing right, there must be a chance that the english lnguage files are the core, all other language files are not an integral part of the core language files of the module.

In most cases this is true - only a few modules include translations other than english, the other translations are done separately and distributed separately


If someone works on the core language files of the module (in this or in every case the english language file), it comes a new id or version number, this make the cvs. If nothing change, the number cannot change, but i think, the language files they are contained in the download of the module, comes not in every case from the cvs, it comes from the local system of the developer or translator. This is the scenario and the way it goes after all.

Yes - many times the translations are not added to the SVN/CVS, but sent to the developer and the developer adds the language files to the distribution, and sometimes to SVN or CVS. If the language files are not added to SVN/CVS and translators do not have commit access to those systems, there is no easy way to maintain the language files. This is one of the reasons we have placed all our modules and themes in the same repository as the core and provide access to everyone.

I think you are suggesting the same thing...that translations be kept in SVN (and they are, once they are added and committed)


Yes, normally it has nothing to do with the icms community, but if there any questions, they come here and searching for help, if we see there is something not define, the community report the solution here. Let us think, someone of the supporter think, i´m gonna change now the english language file (if there something miss), we have a new id or version in the language file. Thats ok!

Now, my meaning is, is it not possible, we make the non english language file outside from the cvs and copy the header with the version id manually, so all international language files has the the same id on the the same level as matters stand. This gives me the information, the last changes in the core language file of the module, are exist too in the international language file. Sure we need now translators they do that job, i understand that will be a problem. But my way has some advantages:

If the translator sick, in holiday or you cannot catch him, everybody can make the translations, you as the community must only make a plan, where are the changes, where comes new defines or when a define goes, which and where to delete. Normally we can see it in the cvs, when there the latest file exist (Diff to the previous version)!

As an example, i make the final german translation of the wfdwonloads file, what to mean, they are ready to go, but we missed some defines or some translation are not corresponding. What i need now, a place where i can place this files with the identical id of the files (outside of the cvs).

Greetings Andy

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