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Hi AmuzayCAD,
Thanks for looking into this :thumbup:

The fact that there isn't an Arabic translation at the moment is because nobody in the core team has enough knowledge of Arabic to be able to make a translation. If you could contribute an Arabic translation, it would be really appreciated.

we're aware translations need some more work, and during the 1.3 release we want to bring all existing translations up-to-date, and where possible even add new languages.

Translate the Core
In your impressCMS folder you will find the folder "language". In that folder, you need to create a folder with the name of the language, in your case it will be "arabic".
In the <icms_root>/language folder you should have a folder with the name 'english'. When you look there, you will find many different files, all containing language constants, and the text associated with it:


define('_CM_DOSMILEY','Enable Smiley Icons');
define('_CM_DOHTML','Enable HTML Tags');
define('_CM_DOAUTOWRAP','Enable Linebreaks');
define('_CM_DOXCODE','Enable iCMS Codes');

When you make a translation, you need to keep the constants unchanged (_CM_MESSAGE), but you should translate the English text to your language.

Let me know if this helps, and if you have any more questions.

David J

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