Re: Integrating a new system of rating by stars for WFDownloads (ajaxstarrater_v122)

Posted by Vaughan on 1238693840
it worked for me, though i didn't do multiple uploads.. so i could have missed that easily.

the ajax star rating though will NOT be in the final version as there's still work to do on it. ie, remove the old rating system as the links are still there to rate with the old rating system (ratefile.php), and also need to log the usernames of who rated and IP's etc for the new ajax system.

also in admin, there's no way that i can see where you can view a log of who's rated each download etc, for the ajax rating, you can only see the logs of the old rating system. I don't have time to do all that, and with it already being an RC2 release, i'm hesitant to add more features to it at this stage as there's already been some added during RC.

I just need to get the new templates when they are ready, and then people can test the release, and it can goto 3.2 Final then.

3.2 Final will be the last WF-Downloads from smartfactory, and will be the last downloads module compatible with both xoops & icms.

our next downloads module is to be written from scratch using the IPF, and will be for icms only. the ajax system will of course most likely be added to it :)

@fiammybe, the error isn't a icms specifc error message, it's a standard PHP error message. what redeclare means is that something is trying to declare a class or include a file etc that has already been included so it's trying to call the same thing twice.

without looking at it, i'd say it's probably some include() or require() that needs changing to include_once or require_once etc.

that's the likely candidate anyway.

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