Protector Module Update - require clarification re mainfile.php patching, or not

Posted by tedsmith on 1254265319

I note there's a new stable release of Protector (

I note secondly that ImpressCMS users are told they do not have to adjust their mainfile.php.

I just want to clarify before I do an upgrade (because I always run into problems with Protector) : my mainfile.php is currently patched from when I used Xoops - I didn't change it when I upgraded to ImpressCMS. So does that mean that if I simply do as the instructions state (You do not need to edit mainfile.php when using ImpressCMS, instead locate the ImpressCMS_Extras directory
inside the protector package, and copy the preload directory to your root ImpressCMS directory, so that your
ImpressCMS preload folder contains the file protector.php
), will it still work with my patched mainfile.php file, or not? Or do I have to change my mainfile.php to it's 'pre-protector' state?

Also, having just downloaded the package, there is no ImpressCMS_Extras directory. There's an empty preload directory, but not a ImpressCMS_Extras directory.

So I am confused now.



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