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Posted by kurak_bu on 1206463210
Currently the menu info contains (example):

1.File Size 884.39 Kb
2.Added Wed, 19-Sep-2007
3.Downloads 0
4.Proposed by debianus
5.Download Times:
* USR 9600 bps: 0.09s
* 57600 bps: 0.02s
* 512 Kbps: 0.00s
* 10 Mbps: 0.00s
6.Version 2.14
7.Release Status (big icon)
8.Release Date 2008-03-15
9.PHP Compatibility (big icon)
10.MySQL Compatibility (big icon)
11.Environment (System) Requirements register_globals ON
12.Additional Requirements
13.Author Name DuGris
14.Support Web Site DuGris
15.Home Page/Demo

I believe its temporary order, to put it further I suggest such turns.

-delete 5.Download Times:
-move 6.Version 2.14 up, and maybe even include it in item's title
-put php and mysql version in 1 row, make their images smaler and call it "Environment Compatibility" (I suppose it doesnt sound good, but my english is not good, it does metter that you know what I mean here)
-put 11.Environment (System) Requirements and 12.Additional Requirements together, and call it "Additional Requirements"
-I dont have good idea what to do with 13,14 and 15, there is too much, probably Author and Website could be enough

I know Im a bit venturesome here. After those changes side menu could looks like that:

1.Version 2.14
2.File Size 884.39 Kb
3.Downloads 0
4.Added Wed, 19-Sep-2007
5.Proposed by debianus
6.Release Status (big icon)
7.Release Date 2008-03-15
8.Environment Compatibility (php icon+mysql icon)
9.Additional Requirements register_globals ON
10.Author Name DuGris
11. Web Site

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