Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Posted by davidl2 on 1207643623
Ok - quick update from me what I did when everyone was fast asleep

*Fixed a number of theme files that MrTheme had taken offline, because of download errors
* Linked the Persian language file again, as the custom defines had been accidentally removed
* Portuguese, Spanish, some Dutch instruction files have been set up - and linked by language change flags (Guidelines then points to the correct language page)

To Do:
* Polish Language defines need fixing
* Text "Welcome to the ImpressCMS Addons Repository" - needs translating to Portugese & Polish - and adding to the wfdownload language defines
* Instruction text files need translating in:
French, Dutch (first page only) and Persian
* Persian indicator needs to change from "IR" to "FA" (forgot to do this
* Ensure module language files are properly off-line until fully re-uploaded
* Finish re-uploading the remainder files (mostly theme - some module)
* Some of the text on the guidelines page needs a link to the relevent theme & module download pages - I couldnt understand the languages enough to work out where this was!

Resources - for remainder translations:

Remainder tasks after immediately after opening
* Replace any static text missing from the menu on Addons with language defines
* Do this on the other ImpressCMS sites

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