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Posted by ep98 on 1208343490
Not so sure it's the right place, but I saw similar posts, so... :)

Bulgarian translations of Marcan's WFDownloads is almost done. If something else is needed to be translated, except the language I'll do it. But there are several strange things after the grant opening of Addons.ICMS.

1. Several modules are duplicated without reasons, looks similair to oops messy repository
2. Several modules are linked to the author sites, which hmmm is not so good bcz everyone knows english, but not everyone knows French, Japanese, Spanish and so on. Other are linked to the already dead and in fact instead of 167 modules, user can download about 30-40.
3. Missing infos, like who the heck is the author, where is the home/demo page, current configuration shows Debianus as the top module developer for Impress/OOPS.

in the default wf-downloads, info blocks look like this

Submitter: ep98 Updated On: 09-11-2007 Version: 2.1.2 Downloads: 13 File Size: 6.77 Mb Home Page: XOOPS Cube

And in case where download link leads to dead site like, user simply can visit the author page and download it from there.

If you have lack of space, I can check some of my mirrors, and to upload there all oops modules and themes, and to link it to this repository.

Also there are modules which are non-compatible with oops, which without any touches cant work and with Impress too. The example is Article 1.00 by phppp.

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