Re: Downloads site: Work needed

Posted by debianus on 1208347901
Adding more comments to David says:

The same module can be in the repository three times: in "archive" section (old releases) and in its category as Final o RC releases. Smartsection is an example.
The problems is that in a summary page (as
the module version is not show about the submissions done using the Formulize integration. And we need fix this, of course.

Author´s site: well, of course, these sites can be in very different languages but I believe that information must be showed as an "honour" (I do not find the right English word for my thought) to the author.

Broken links: there are not broken links at this moment. The checked submissions list is in and after 12 more links were fixed. Please, if you find errors, report them and we tray fix them.

Missing infos: yes, of course everybody here knows I am a very great developer :lmao: . You are right, in detail view : proposed by..and author.. but "View Other Files by Author" really must be by "publisher".

About non compatible modules "QA Checked" camp must be fixed too.

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