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Posted by ep98 on 1208677089
Am I "trusted" member or it's just another bug ? :)
Module names have to be added as in the exampled page

Name - Version, bcz of few things. - Suggestion

CBB 1.14 works fine with XOOPS 2.0/Impress 1.0 and not required Frameworks.

If in community/Forums are listed

the visitors have to click two times, to pick the right version.

Name - Ratings
By (empty ??)

By have to be removed, short info to be extended a bit
Authors have to be added with their full names, if they're not anonymous like Catzwolf, the targeted module is MyDownloads 1.45 by Herve Thouzard, it's added as module developer Herve. Author name have to be linked to the author site, and Home/Demo page have to be splited into two lines, Demo and Home are two different things. - Suggestion

I've thinking a lot to put or not a demo of XHNewBB and finally I set it as "Home", bcz the only one English demo forum is Cube Forums.

Categories are biiiig mess, who put Downloads in Content Management, in fact Downloads are:


But content/downloads... no way

2 times WF-Downloads, both the same

Debaser and some other modules are linked to dead sites, or to 404 Error in near future

French translation of Addons mess the whole view of the site, bcz of the word Téléchargez maintenant , template should be 10% wider

Is there a Wiki or something for translating pages listed in the first page ?

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