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Original text version - based on community writing & JenClass work:

This ImpressCMS website is all about downloads that you can use to enhance your ImpressCMS website functionality, usage or appearance.

The ImpressCMS Download Repository is a community effort. Its purpose is to present as many stable and high quality ImpressCMS compatible addons available to the community as possible. To that end, all submissions and reports are reviewed by the Downloads team. Only stable, non-beta addons in accordance with the site guidelines are accepted.

Please report any broken links and assist others by sharing your experience or submitting more modules.

In a categorized way you can find here to download:

Modules: Downloads to add functionality to your site. Modules, while mostly enhancing content and features offered to your website users, can also enhance functionality for the webmaster in administrating his/her site.

Extensions: These files are not modules, but are required to allow the running of certain modules, and provide additional code to the ImpressCMS Core.

See Submission guidelines for modules and extensions

Themes: Themes change your site’s appearance. They can give your site a completely different appearance, changing the graphical elements and also the definitions of font styles and placement.

Templates: Templates change the appearance of your site's modules. They can help further customize the modules used on your site, and give them a unique appearance fitting in with your site theme.

See Submission guidelines for themes & templates.

Comment Guidelines: Comments are submitted via the ImpressCMS community site, with the relevant section of the site linked to by each module. Please feel welcomed to visit the site!

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