Re: Languages for Downloads site

Posted by Sina Asghari on 1207545007
Ok, here it is ^^:
* Community Site --> انجمن ایمپرس سی‌ام‌اس
* Local Community Site --> سایت پشتیبانی محلی
* Addons (as in the site name) --> اضافه شونده ها
* Wiki --> ویکی ایمپرس‌‌
* Blog --> وبلاگ

I had 2 requests, the first on is, can you please change the lang code from ir --> fa ? fa is usually used for Persian language, because Persian is not only the native language of Iran ...

and the second one,

We'll need the other 4 pages translating if possible

Can you please share the links ? or are them at addons forum?

PS: did you used utf-8 for encoding (while saving and in global.php)? I'm asking this because otherwise you'll see some other special characters


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