Re: Languages for Downloads site

Posted by Sina Asghari on 1207572625
thank you David , what i meant with utf-8 is like a sentence like : ویکی ایمپرس without utf-8 will look like roman alphabets ...

here is the dutch translation :

* Welkom op de ImpressCMS Extensies Opslagplaats
* Meest gedownloade Extensies
* Recente Extensies
* ImpressCMS downloaden
* Extensies Forums
* Extensies voorstellen
*Ons Contacteren
* Project hoofdpagina

(later addition)

* Communautaire Site
* Lokale gemeenschap site
* Extensies
* Wiki
* Blog

* Extensies Opslagplaats
I'll do the french when i get back home

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