Re: Addons: Errors and new features

Posted by Sina Asghari on 1207740666
Hi David, I had an opinion about addons, as you know persian is an rtl language, and you have happily added to the repository (as one of the languages to be chose) but there is a small problem, when you click on persian, you'll see the site as ltr instead of rtl, but no problem, we have a hack for this, to make an option that you upload the css of that language in the language folder and you can use that just when you use that language and on other languages who do not have any extra css files it will load the default one, this hack was made by ROWDI from xoops, i think if you use it will be beter for the repository and also it wont make any problems, we are using this since xoops ... here is the link to that file

that specified file is included in the persian language patch, so don't worry about it
Best regards, Stranger.

edit, I found a problem, when you want to download a file from documents category, you have to be signed in ....

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