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Posted by Will on 1258996988

Consider an end user for a moment.

Every subcategory that we create is another area in which they will need to traverse.

So Let us discuss themes

Categorization of themes is a shot in the dark at best - currently they are categorized in such categories as "Animals" which really has more to do with the designers choice in a header image than anything.

Anywho - every time we create a subcategory that is whole new paginated group of unrelated themes that a user must try and traverse to see them all - as well as the 7 other categories with pagination and the themes that didn't manage to find themselves in a category with pagination.

I stand to argue that a user would much rather come to a site - see the category "Interface" - go into the single subcategory "Themes" and see right off the bat that there are 7 pages of themes... that is all they are committed to seeing - 7 pages. Not 7 pages with an additional 6 pages while waiting for the subcategory pages to load.

Which is why I am suggesting that the themes are not put into subcategories at all.

There will be the search function - which will be working if I have to sit at my computer and recieve them all and go find them for the users - as well as the alphabetical filter, date filter, and all tthat for users who know what they are looking for.

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