Re: An FTP Module for ImpressCMS

Posted by Will on 1286036055
The reason I chose to use multipowupload is because the flash uploader works with chunkupload.php (injcluded in the package) - some of my clients upload 500Mb files with this thing.

If you aren't worried about filesize you could integrate whatever.

Quick setup.
* /share chmod 777 or writable by your system - depends on server
* /download.php - edit path to share folder
* /uploads/send.php add your email address.
* /uploads/File ProcessingScripts/PHP/chunkupload.php - Fix path to share folder.
* /uploads/index.html

links.innerHTML += "" + + " \r\n";

Fix the url.

That should do it. Download Here

Oh! I shouldprobabaly share the next part too - maintenance... who the hell wants to have to figure out when these files were uploaded! lol.... I use a cron job to delete the files after they have reached 30days old.

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