Re: An FTP Module for ImpressCMS

Posted by tedsmith on 1286234390
Yep, that error was due to incorrect slashes. Swapped them round, and the file uploaded OK.

However, the confirmation screen returned an error instead. I suspect this may be due to my server requiring SMTP Authentication? If so, is there a way round this when using your form? The error log supplied in uploadform/uploads/FileProcessingScripts/PHP/error_log.txt does not contain any new data (it holds a few of your own older entries that you may want to delete?)

Also, I have two further questions

1) regarding allowed file types. I only want to allow PDF files. In the array declaration, what would be the correct way to state the extension?

".pdf", "pdf" or something else?

2) What is the max file size that the script allows? Is it dictated by the web servers php.ini settings (My post_max_size = 8Mb and my upload_max_filesize = 16Mb - which does the Flash script use?) or something else?

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