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Re: Site slow

by fiammybe on 2011/3/16 13:09:14

We've had some problems today which turned out to be database related. I did clear the cache however, so in the beginning the site could be slower than usual.

As Marcan said: best contact him the moment you experience slowness. :thumbup:
Re: Site slow

by phoenyx on 2011/3/16 12:28:03

It's not only you. There are days where I can't even reach it at all.
Today there's one of those days. Since a few minutes it seems to work a little better again.

However, the overall performance of is quite bad since I know it. It's the slowest site I'm browsing.
Re: Site slow

by McDonald on 2011/3/16 11:57:53

Is it me or is ImpressCMS community website getting slower and slower?
Re: Site slow

by marcan on 2008/3/19 15:31:11

Guys, whenever you encounter any performance issue, can you directly contact me via IM so I can have a look at the server in real time.

I have not been experiencing any of this, so when you do, please tell me right away so I can inquire.

Re: Site slow

by UnderDog on 2008/3/19 13:58:10

Isn't it the times that it needs to re-fill the cache, that the site gets slow? Or at the times that it needs to poll to the oh-loh site.