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Re: D3Templates

by sato-san on 2008/6/30 0:56:34

Does can anybody use the d3forum with impresscms 1.1?? this module need altsys, but im can not install. (error messages)
Re: D3Templates

by davidl2 on 2008/6/22 7:26:28

Sensible to be cautious on core hacks.. and I hope that we can accommodate user requirements, rather than they having to change the core.
Re: D3Templates

by Lance_ on 2008/6/22 7:00:38


again though, there is a way to replace the default xoops profile system with the smf profile system. That way users would only see the one.

Of course, I agree. I strive to keep my sites as hack free as possible however. Keeping the upgrade process as easy and painless as possible. I've racked my brain on upgrading a site where the multilanguage(x-language) didn't work anymore, just to remember later the little line that I added to the common.php file. Just a tad of frustration for one line.

If I have to hack I will, but if I can get away from it, all the better. Everything has moved in the right directions system wise for me in the last 4 years, that I'm content adapting myself to the core and not making the core adapt to me. :bravo: :thumbup:
Re: D3Templates

by sato-san on 2008/6/22 6:51:30

You are right david
Re: D3Templates

by davidl2 on 2008/6/22 5:35:37

As the bridge is currently under the smf license - I don't think it can be included on svn to develop further directly.