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Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/16 14:06:41

I think I found the reason. When you look at the code in the admin sections, they all use hardcoded paths to the system module. Not all of the pages are in the icms_version.php file as templates.

For example, when I take the /htdocs/modules/system/admin/customtags/main.php file, and change the last line that says

$icmsAdminTpl->display(ICMS_MODULES_PATH . "/system/templates/admin/customtag/system_adm_customtag.html");

and change it to 


I get a nice white section where the custom tag manager used to be. I think it is something related with the paths in the filename, but I'm still looking into that to make sure.

Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/3 22:13:01

as a matter of fact, I have the base theme template working, so the admin control panel renders in the new system. It's the system module that I have issues with because at the moment I have this kind of Frankenstein combination of a mobile-first responsive shell, and a nineties-inspired table-based interior.

Re: New admin theme - no change

by skenow on 2019/9/3 19:34:30

There are 2 theme selectors - 1 for the user side and 1 for the admin side. To skin the admin area, have a look at libraries/icms/view/theme/Factory.php and the method getAdminThemesList(). There is where the override is set for the admin area. The core looks for the overrides in either modules/system/themes/ or themes/<your theme>/theme_admin.html

Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/3 2:09:52

As a matter of fact, similar changes were done by @debianus in the preparations for the 2.0 branch. I'll have a look there to see if I can spot a change that should be backported to 1.4

New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/8/31 14:59:48


I'm working on a new admin theme that should be clean and very light based on bulma ( I was hoping to include it with ImpressCMS 1.4 as a responsive, modern alternative admin theme.

I have the admin section itself working more or less (always a few details that crop up from time to time) but I seem to hit a blank when I adapt the template files for the different pages in the system module. When I change the template files in the module itself, I get the results I want, but when I update the correct files in the theme (like I do with all other template files), nothing happens. Is the 1.4 system module not ready to be skinned by a theme?