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Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/16 14:06:41

<p>I think I found the reason. When you look at the code in the admin sections, they all use hardcoded paths to the system module. Not all of the pages are in <a href="">the icms_version.php file</a> as templates.</p>

<p>For example, when I take the <a href="">/htdocs/modules/system/admin/customtags/main.php</a> file, and change the last line that says</p>

<p>$icmsAdminTpl->display(ICMS_MODULES_PATH . "/system/templates/admin/customtag/system_adm_customtag.html");</p>

<p>and change it to&nbsp;</p>


<p>I get a nice white section where the custom tag manager used to be. I think it is something related with the paths in the filename, but I'm still looking into that to make sure.</p>

Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/3 22:13:01

<p>as a matter of fact, I have the base theme template working, so the admin control panel renders in the new system. It's the system module that I have issues with because at the moment I have this kind of Frankenstein combination of a mobile-first responsive shell, and a nineties-inspired table-based interior.</p>
Re: New admin theme - no change

by skenow on 2019/9/3 19:34:30

<p>There are 2 theme selectors - 1 for the user side and 1 for the admin side. To skin the admin area, have a look at libraries/icms/view/theme/Factory.php and the method getAdminThemesList(). There is where the override is set for the admin area. The core looks for the overrides in either modules/system/themes/ or themes/<your theme>/theme_admin.html</p>
Re: New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/9/3 2:09:52

<p>As a matter of fact, similar changes were done by @debianus in the preparations for the 2.0 branch. I'll have a look there to see if I can spot a change that should be backported to 1.4</p>
New admin theme - no change

by fiammybe on 2019/8/31 14:59:48


<p>I'm working on a new admin theme that should be clean and very light based on bulma ( I was hoping to include it with ImpressCMS 1.4 as a responsive, modern alternative admin theme.</p>

<p>I have the admin section itself working more or less (always a few details that crop up from time to time) but I seem to hit a blank when I adapt the template files for the different pages in the system module. When I change the template files in the module itself, I get the results I want, but when I update the correct files in the theme (like I do with all other template files), nothing happens. Is the 1.4 system module not ready to be skinned by a theme?</p>