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Re: Chatting options

by fiammybe on 2013/6/24 7:57:08

I looked at mibbit, and also at KiwiIRC. I'll try to see if I can get KiwiIRC included on the site.

Jabber would be nice, but I don't know of any integrated web-based solutions (that we don't have to setup ourselves). We don't have the expertise in the team to set something like that up.
Re: Chatting options

by fiammybe on 2013/5/21 14:37:00

mibbit looks nice. I'll see if we can organise a test in the near future.
I seem to remember Google did some tiny changes of their own to make GTalk 'non-standard'. It would be cool to do though.

Thanks for the mibbit link, didn't found out about that one before!
Re: Chatting options

by MekDrop on 2013/5/20 0:48:34 is very good tool for chatting in IRC.

Also, I experimented with Jabber and iCMS. I think is better solution. Because You can chat by using own gmail account. However I wasn't succefull. Frameworks that use Jabber are not very easy to understand :(
Re: Chatting options

by fiammybe on 2013/5/17 14:15:56

I considered IRC as well, but web-based chat seemed easier to find php-based clients for.

The downside is that you need to have specific sofware installed, so from that point of view, IRC is not better than skype.

I want to concentrate things as much as possible on the website. If there is a good PHP IRC client available somewhere, that would be a perfect match.

I'll see if I find one that is easy to setup. Does anyone has experience with a specific web-based client or library perhaps?
Re: Chatting options

by sato-san on 2013/5/16 23:13:38

I think IRC is much more easier. You can setup in a lot of programs, like Thunderbird, Pidgin or else.

You need enter a user name, a server ( and the room name #impresscms

The benefit is, it's works on any platforms.