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Re: hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

by Anonymous on 2016/2/8 4:52:08


nice to hear you have a family, congratulations on that!
at the moment my projects are pretty much on hold, but will never quit.
here are the projects:

some of them are developed under, some under

if u want to join somehow, please let me know here or maybe by mail: my twitter is @hale_xp.

you can see some infos about the in development network here
(png mindmaps): - Mindmaps (3,5MB .zip download)

Have a nice day!
Re: hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

by fiammybe on 2016/1/29 7:55:21

Hi hale-xp,
Take care with your health. I've been handling a new baby at home and that takes a heavy toll on my free time. I need to sleep whenever I can, so my time to dedicate to impresscms development is almost zero.
I have lots of things I want to see realized for impresscms, so it's very frustrating at the moment.

How is your project for the future coming along?
hello, my short dissapearance ends soon

by Anonymous on 2015/12/14 6:36:02

hi all, i just wanted to tell you that i had some troubles with time but mainly my health.
i hope i will be back with energy again soon.

all the best and keep up the great work!