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ImpressCMS in context of today

by Walkingnumber on 2017/12/27 4:10:11

At the moment I recomend all public service and governmental projects to own their sites. Especially swedish radio and TV. Also free democratic parties shall own their sites. This will as an effect keep web in smaller projects wich is also to prefer for Browns, Johnssons, Juan, Ivan and Fritz etc <img src="" alt="" />.
The development with secret mapping and documentation of users in the big, commersial social media is slightly scaring and should be held back. ///***///

This is also what I do nowadays. Analyzing processes and trying to understand the best solutions, appart from short sited profits. While my studying and entrance into philosophy of organisation and future ///***///

Today there is probably >1500 free cms. The reason is most likely that most people get stuck in the ”paper end pen metaphor”. The trick is to get out of that ”paper box” and still simple to understand. Everyone destined trying to find the holy grale of the really smart cms that stands out. ImpressCMS actually doing some of that magic. /jnwn